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Parent/Family Intervention (Counseling) is a face-to-face therapeutic intervention involving the recipient and one or more family members. The primary goal is to help the recipient and family improve their overall functioning in the home, school, work and community settings. This goal is accomplished by helping the recipient and family increase effective coping mechanisms, healthy communication strategies, constructive problem-solving skills and increased insight into the nature of the recipient’s difficulties and the impact on the family. This service utilizes specific interventions, which must be documented in the recipient’s ISRP. Evidenced based strategies should be used when applicable and tailored to address the recipient’s and family’s needs. These services are intended to be time limited with services reduced and discontinued as the family functions more effectively.

Parent/Family Intervention includes regularly scheduled face-to-face interventions, with the recipient and family designed to improve family functions. Specific interventions may include:

  • Assisting the family with developing and maintaining appropriate structure within the home.
  • Assisting the family with developing increased understanding of the recipient’s symptoms and problematic behaviors and developing effective strategies to address these issues,and encouraging emphasis on building upon the recipient and family’s strengths.
  • Facilitating the family’s ability to effectively manage, teach, and positively reinforce the recipient’s strengths.
  • Facilitating effective communication and problem solving between the recipient and family members.