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Individual intervention is an interaction between the counselor/therapist and the recipient. It is a face-to-face structured service based on a range of professional therapeutic strategies, which must be documented in the recipient’s ISRP. Evidenced based strategies should be used when applicable. Sessions are typically limited to one hour. For contacts lasting longer than one hour, the service log must include the reason for the extended session.

This service is provided to ameliorate the psychosocial barriers that impede the development or enhancement of skills necessary to function in the community. Individual Intervention is relevant to the recipient’s needs and relate directly to the individualized goals and objectives specified in the ISRP.

These services are based on psychological treatment principles. Specifically, these include counseling and therapy services that:

  • Maximize strengths;
  • Reduce behavioral problems;
  • Change behavior;
  • Improve interpersonal skills; Explore and clarify values; and Facilitate interpersonal growth and change