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Community support is the foundation of the recovery-oriented ISRP and is essential to all recipients. Its goal is to increase and maintain competence in normal life activities and gain the skills necessary to allow them to remain in or return to their own natural environment. It provides the necessary services to assist the recipient in achieving and maintaining rehabilitative, resiliency and recovery goals related to education, work, housing, mental health treatment, financial and social supports and other support needs Community support includes crisis intervention, coordination of MHR and non-MHR services, and individual skills training.

Specific goals of the service are:

  • To achieve the restoration, reinforcement, and enhancement of skills and/or knowledge necessary for the recipient to achieve maximum reduction of his/her psychiatric symptoms.
  • To minimize the effect of mental illness.
  • To maximize the recipient's strengths with regard to the mental illness.
  • To increase the level of the recipient's age-appropriate behavior.
  • To increase the recipient’s independent functioning to an appropriate level.
  • To enhance social skills.
  • To increase adaptive behaviors in family, peer relations, school and community settings.
  • To maximize the skills to link and engage with other community services including natural supports and resources.
  • To apply decision-making methods in a variety of skill building applications.