Immanuels Healing Center

"Healing Power with a Human Touch"


Immanuels Healing Center staff consists of professionally trained individuals with academic and mandated training by the Medicaid Behavioral Health Section. Among the Immanuels qualified and trained staff, there is a licensed psychiatrist, a licensed clinical social worker, and/or licensed therapist, and counselors on both bachelor and master educational levels.

Immanuels Healing Center is committed to maintaining a team of highly qualified professionals that specialize in working with emotionally disturbed and behavioral challenged children and mentally challenged adults. We remain dedicated to protecting our clients confidentiality at all levels.


Immanuels Healing Center's mission is to enrich our consumers for a brighter future and a better tomorrow through recovery, resiliency, and perseverance.

Our goal is to provide intensive and immediate treatment to the consumer and to prevent out-of-home placement for the child or adult consumer while supporting and strengthening the family structure. With the addition of community supports, goals can and will be achieved!